Character Creation

Follow the book accept to determine stats. Roll 4d6. Re-roll any 1s. Talley the highest 3 results. Repeat seven times. Keep the highest 6 to determine your stats. No stats should be lower than 10. You are the best of the best.

What makes a good character?
No lone-wolves. Make a team player. While it is perfectly acceptable (and often times preferable) to go off on your own or in pairs to gather intel or accomplish some task, remember to keep the rest of the team informed about your goings-on.

You don’t have to be a hero all the time, but you should be one at the end of the day. Lying, cheating, skullduggery, and fracturing the occasional law in the name of the common good (and diplomatic immunity!) are expected parts of the game.

Curiosity will get you far. It will also get you in trouble. This is a good thing.

You character must be a citizen of UN member country.

You character should have a broad range of skills (your basic stats will help with this). You should also have an area of focus. It’s not much use being a sniper in the city if you can’t talk/sneak/buy your way into that building with the perfect vantage point.

Legwork will be important (think shadowrun).

Answer the following:
Why have you chosen this career path?
Again, you are the best of the best. Your natural talents would allow you to excell in any field you might chose to pursue. What draws you to the life of counter-terrorism and espionage? More importantly, what drives you to work for the common good?

What is your specialty?
Are you an expert marksman? A world-renowned hunter? A flawless disguise artist? A master manipulator? Sometimes, answering this question is as easy as knowing your character’s favorite subject in high school or college, and extrapolating from there.

What is your character’s greatest fear?
Your character’s fears can guide him or undermine him, but they should never master him. Roleplaying a character with insurmountable fears is rarely fun, but allowing a character’s fear to guide his actions can add unexpected drama to a mission.

Character Creation

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